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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Khimaira Updated: Colorized

This is the almost finished (still have some location placement to do, but otherwise done) Continent of Khimaira is for my Solomus stories, The Dragoons of Solomus & A Princess’s Adventure, found here and here.

Some General information:
Khimaira is a bit larger then North America. Also on the globe of Solomus it sits roughly where North America does on ours. It has a cultural make up that is similar to European, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cultures.

On Geographical Regions:
Khimaira has a range of features; deserts, mountains, plains, swamps, forests, grasslands, ect. 

One of the main features worth talking about, is the in the north central part. The large circular mountain range is actually the caldera of an extinct super-volcano with a large fresh water sea that formed after its last eruption. There are still some active volcanoes in these mountains.

On the West Coast there is a great plains/grasslands. 

Due to its size you might want to use this link to see it better, in it's full glory.

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