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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Journal Entry - December 13, 2009

I decided to start this account to put some of my notes, maps and short stories that I have been working on, and see what others think. Currently I have a total of twenty-four novella sized story seeds I’m currently working on, they are split between four worlds at the moment, Xeen eight, Oceanus six, Azurmus eight, and Solomus two. And several short stores based on many of my worlds.
Names in () are pronunciations.
Xeen (Zeen) is a fantasy world with some science fiction mixed in, it is also my largest world, sized at 50% larger then Earth and four moons, and populated with at least 30 intelligent races. I plan on Xeen being my equivalent to Lord of the Rings in size my first five stores are interconnected and will have the fate of Xeen in the balance. I have a bunch of short stories planed to be set on Xeen. More on it later.
Oceanus is also fantasy world with some science fiction mixed in to it as well, as it’s name suggests Oceanus is a giant ocean world with no continents only islands, it has two moons, and is populated with at least 18 intelligent races. I am firm on six stories with Oceanus, I might come up with more later, and I have a couple of short stories set on Oceanus. More on it later.
Azurmus (Azh'urmus) is my science fiction world set after a nuclear third world war has devastated civilization. Azurmus has six races the existed before the war and four to six races that were born from the mutagens released during the war. My Azurmus series of stories will be the more mature series being set after a nuclear war at various periods, also the tech level of Azurmus was about a century ahead of Earth at the time of the Third Great War, with some tech at much higher levels then others. I have about six stories divided by three groups and a couple of short stories. My time-line for my Azurmus series is the most complete at the moment. More on it later.
Solomus is an experimental story where the book will follow various generations of 3-4 families that are connected by a common theme. Really there is only one novella sized story for Solomus at the moment. More on it later.
I also have some other ideas that I might turn into novella sized stories, some might even become series. But more on those another time.

by The Guardian of Worlds.

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