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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Xeen - Odinia and Feronia

The two pocket universes: Odinia & Feronia, they are both contained universes and only possess one star each and a solar system around each star. Now what is special about those two universes and worlds are what comes from them, Aengels & Archaengels come from Odinia and Daemons come from Feronia. (The spellings are intentional.)
Now Odinia is a world with a heavier gravity and thinner atmosphere then Xeen, this gives the Aengels their enhanced abilities on Xeen, Aengels have the appearance of angels in most media you might see.
Now Feronia is a world that is hot and volcanic it almost could pass for Venus, the Daemons are native to Feronia and have what could best be described as a demonic look, they look like various demons in media sources like artwork and the such.
Both the Aengels and Daemons are physical and mortal beings, they are also capable of producing children with other races.

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