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Monday, December 14, 2009

More on Azurmus - 00001

Azurmus is my science fiction world, set after a third world war. As you might guess it has a lot in common with a lot of other apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic science fiction most of the stories are set after the war, which only lasted one day. Unlike some other post-apocalyptic I have tried to create something unique set on what we would consider an alien world, Azurmus’s history has similarities to earth’s, this makes the back story a lot easier to tell. I also want to get past some of the urban legends of a post Nuclear Holocaust world would be like as well as do some of my own things that I might not be able to do with a story set on Earth. Also with six pre-war races it has the smallest number of races sharing the same space, I went with a smaller number of races for specific reasons I will explain in a bit. After the war due to the amount of mutagens released it created several new races. The technology level of Azurmus is at least a hundred years ahead of Earth’s, with Powered Battle armor, high-tech robotics, cybernetics, computers, androids, artificial intelligences, super computers, mutagens, energy weapons, and many more technologies I could describe.

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